Digo Bikas Samaj (DBS) was established in the year 2063 B.S. to provide development services to people of remote and flood prone VDCs of Kailali district namely Lalbhoji, Bhajani, Khailad, Narayanpur,Dhansinghpur, Thapaput, Munuwa, Joshipur, Janakinagar and Pathriya. From the very beginning of its establishment, this organization has been working with poor and disadvantaged people in these VDCs. It is an umbrella organization of 9 community based organizations (CBOs) which is governed by people from the Dalit and Tharu communities.


A prosperous society where people are empowered and capable to exercise their rights.


to ensure the empowerment of the disadvantaged communities through facilitation on human rights and skill oriented training and different awareness raising activities in education and health also.


Improved conditions of marginalized communities through various programs related to gender, disaster, good governance education and livelihood.

  • Address the challenges of Community Based Organizations (CBO)
  • Organize CBOs for development of societies they are working with
  • Organize various workshops, seminars and programs for advocacy, awareness and Provide support to CBOs for coordination and partnerships with GOs and NGOs for resource mobilization in local communities
  • Help to eradicate social injustice and discrimination and work to reduce the problem of education, health, poverty and make aware community for preparation before disaster and better livelihood through different trainings and awareness raising activities in coordination with local government and non-government organizations
  • Respect human rights principle
  • Coordination and collaboration
  • Continuation and Activeness
  • Transparency and Democratic culture
  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Justice, Empower and Commitment
  • Gender Senstivity
  • Prioritize Marginalized Communities
  • Volunteerism