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Digo Bikas Samaj (DBS) was established in the year 2063 B.S. to provide development services to people of remote and flood prone VDCs of Kailali district namely Lalbhoji, Bhajani, Khailad, Narayanpur,Dhansinghpur, Thapaput, Munuwa, Joshipur, Janakinagar and Pathriya. From the very beginning of its establishment, this organization has been working with poor and disadvantaged people in these VDCs. It is an umbrella organization of 9 community based organizations (CBOs) which is governed by people from the Dalit and Tharu communities.

Currently, DBS is implementing 5 development projects in its working area. The first one is the Nepal Development program; second one is Nepal Disability development project. In these projects DRR, sustainable livelihoods, & governance & advocacy support project supported by LWF Nepal. Third one is Livelihood and sponsorship project supported by WVIN and forth is SCDP project supported by UNDP and fifth one is Target Group Development Program supported by Bhajani Municipility.  DBS is a federation of community based organization and hence. it has legitimate identity as an organization. DBS was working with 158 groups in existing working area.  Moreover, programs have been extended to 8 new VDCs in eastern area of Kailali namely Thapapur, Janakinagar, Pathraiya, and Munuwa NDP Projecr and existing VDC and Udashipur, Pahalbanpur and Ghogaghodi Na.Pa Livelhood Project or In these VDCs 64 new groups have been formed and now in total 222 groups have been supported by our community based organizations also 5 existing and 5 new cooperative have been formed in the cooperative 3790 household are engaged. The total population covered by the organization is 4213 households.

It is learnt that, for better delivery and successful implementation of the development projects, initiation and leadership of local people is more important.

Instrumental Information in nutshell


Name of OrganizationDigo Bikash Samaj
AddressBhajani Municipality-1, Kailali
Contact(Landline) 091-580214 (Mobile+977-9825627204)
Kind of OrganizationNon-Government Organization
Established Date2062/9/25 B.S.
Organization regd. DateB.S. 2063/10/05 District Admin. Office Kailali
DAO Regis No.:999 /District Admin. Office Kailali
S.W.C. affiliation No.:22253/2064 B.S.
PAN No.302539093
No. of Executive member11
General members45(9 CBOs )
No of groups and CBOs222 group, 9 CBOs, 9 Cooperative
Last general assembly held on2073/6/9 B.S.
Bank Account RBB Branch office Bhajani kailali
Contact PersonRam Bahadur Sunar Chairperson / Laxmi Datt Bhatt Executive Officer