Assistive device makes dream come true

Krishna Prasad Joshi
Krishna Prasad Joshi

Mr. Krishna Prasad Joshi, 25, has enabled to continue his education, in spite of paralytic lower body parts using a tri-cycle as means of transportation to school. Krishna hails from Bhajani-4, Jhaljhaliya in Kailali Nepal. He struck with the misfortune when he accidentally fell from tree while collecting forages for the livestock. It has been 2 years since Krishna suffered from spinal injury and resulted to immobile limbs.

The days after injury limited his presence within four walls of the house. He spent time looking after the house and the children. The attitude of family members also diluted as the time passed. Confined and purposeless, Krishna had been through a troublesome time keeping up his motivation to recover his physical state.

Nevertheless, in 2017, Digo Bikash Samaj, an implementing partner of LWF facilitated for the PwD ID card for Krishna through the ID Card distribution campaign organized in coordination with District Women and Children Development Office-Kailali. Krishna

Blue ID Card for severely affected disabled people
Krishna Prasad JoshiBlue ID Card for severely affected disabled people

received a Blue[1] ID card and was further coordinated with Disabled Youth Concern Forum, DPO in Attariya for tri-cycle.

Now, Krishna has rejoined Rastriya High School and is studying at grade 11. He further is exploring opportunities for income generating activities and looks forward to join vocational program on repairing computer and mobile phones. “A simple device can also impact much change for people like us”, says Mr. Krishna. “Now I can utilize it for both personal and economic development”, he concludes.

[1] Disability ID Card provided to severely affected disabled person, require support of second person to carry out day to day activities