Calendar with Sign Language aids as teaching material

Sita is the first child of Brinda Bohara. Sita has hearing disorder and this has been problematic to Brinda. Brinda has been working out for measures to groom her daughter normally. However, the communicating with Sita is tough. Sita is currently studying at grade 3 in local school.

Calendar with Sign Language

Holistic Disability Development Society Nepal, an implementing partner of LWF Nepal has developed calendar focusing to disables with hearing and speech disorder. All the days, month and dates are presented with symbol and pictures. The calendar has bridged communication for Brinda and Sita in systematic order. Brinda has learned sign language and now she acts as translator for the community people as well

Further, the sign calendar has been utilized as teaching material in Janapraksh Secondary School, Joshipur. It has recently adopted teaching practice focusing to students with hearing disorder. However, the resource for creating disability friendly environment in school is very limited. Chandra Chaudhary, Principal of the school has acknowledged the initiative. “The calendar has been handy to teach numeracy and days to school children”, says Mr. Chaudhary. Now we look forward to develop booklet for disabled students on sign language.

Calendar with sign language
Calendar with sign language