CSA CFFFS Joining Group making successful in vegetable farming

My name is Maya Chaudhary. I am a member of the Shivawan Fresh Vegetable Production Group in Kailari 8. I belong to a marginalized family. My family is a joint family. In my family, there are my elder brother, sister-in-law, son, daughter, myself, and my husband. My husband used to work as a laborer, and it was very difficult to run the household with his income. I have only 15 kattha of land registered in my name, so I had to work in the same field and manage the household.   One day, under the joint partnership of Digo Bikash Samaj, Bhajani Rural Municipality-1, and World Vision International Nepal, the establishment of Shivbaba Climate-Friendly Farmers’ School was established in Kailari Municipality. In 2022, I got the opportunity to stay with this group and learn various types of climate-friendly techniques. Before this, I had no idea about climate-friendly practices. I had only been using chemical fertilizers. The organic manure that was there used to rot. Today, I am using it properly, and fresh vegetable production is growing well. The investment is also less. I am using organic materials available in my own home for vegetable farming, and I have been successful in selling fresh vegetables in the market as well. It have received support for household expenses, and I have become very active, attending every week’s class and showing curiosity. Today, even though my plot is small, fresh vegetable production is good, and I am attracting customers in a very short time. I have also started experimenting with my own methods and creating interest among others. I am continuously advancing the business by using organic techniques, and I sincerely thank Digo Bikash Samaj and World Vision International Nepal from the bottom of my heart.