Excited and excited by the changing in life

Ram Lal lives in Ghodghodi Municipality in Kailali district. He has a family of five including wife, son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter. Ram Lal is now 55 years old. He was earning his living. But today, they are earning a decent income by cultivating non-seasonal vegetables commercially.

He was selected in 2019 under the Agriculture and Economic Development Project with the financial support of World Vision International Nepal. After being selected, he underwent a three-day nursery house training and received some agricultural inputs from the organization. Ram Lal, who was interested in cultivating vegetables, used to cultivate vegetables but he did not know the profits or loss.

Ram Lal, who used to cultivate spices on 2 katthas of land in the first year, now he cultivating spices and vegetables commercially on 5 katthas of land. “There is no problem in marketing vegetables and spices. It has become easier now,” says Ram Lal. He added: “Market actors have made it easier for market. The traders come to my turn and buy vegetables. ” Ram Lal has managed to sell 680 kg of Khusani, Tomato and Cauliflower in one season and Rs. 60,000 from that. Have succeeded in earning. He says, “I got the profit about 150,000 annually. Till I earn my own profit. ” He have success to feed their family and children education well.

Excited and excited by the change in his life, Ram Lal says: “Sometimes I wonder why this program of Digo Bikash Samaj like vegetable farming, which provides financial opportunity to bring complete change in the life of a family like ours, has not come to our village before as well as my family’s life. Many thanks to World Vision International and the Digo Bikash Samaj for the great change. He has been thanking the program for the up lift of his family and for enabling him to solve life’s problems.