Literacy class making clever

Many of farmer are going to market for supplying their commodity in the early morning and they are belong a farmer group Sunlight Farmer Group. Without decoding the digital balance display they were sell their commodity but now they are saying after going literacy class since 4 month they are able to recognize and understanding measurement of digital balance. The members of farmer group are selling daily their green vegetable and commodity with measuring by digital balance given by Digo Bikash Samaj.

“Before getting literacy class we often did numerical mistake while we sold product and when we were return at home and counting money there were huge different in reality” said Maya a member of Sunlight Group. She add ” now we are able to recognize display of digital balance sown number and the market hole seller could not fraud us because we can add, multiply, divide properly.

Godagodi Municipality is in Kailali district of Nepal where the Sunlight Farmer Group of 25 members, is formed  in effort of Digo Bikash Samaj with corresponding with World Vision International. The village where Sunlight Farmer Group typically backward form  education there are a lot of lacking  literacy in senior citizens. Before starting literacy class there was no any informal education class for senior citizens. With time interval Digo Bikash Samaj bring literacy class in same group  for a changing in education.   

Now their agriculture product are making business they escaping form fraud because they are able to read, count.