Rupa’s Vegetable Farming making Self employee

Rupa Devi, who is 35 years old and resides in Ward No. 11, Gauriganga Municipality, Kailali District, has a family of 5 members, including 2 daughters, a husband, and a son named Suchan, whose R.C. ID is 4926. Rupa had to drop out of school when she was in the 4th grade due to her family’s poor financial situation. Her parents were old and she had to get married at a young age to support the household expenses. Her husband only completed up to 5th grade, and he is also disabled (deaf).

Due to their difficult circumstances, Rupa’s husband used to go to Ratnagiri and Shimla in India to find work, but it was challenging to run the household. However, after hearing about the Nutrition and Resilience Livelihood Project organized by the Joint Partnership of Digo Bikash Samaj Bhajani and World Vision International Nepal, Rupa and her family decided to participate. A meeting was held in the village, and the Chamraiya fresh vegetable production group was formed.

Eventually, Rupa received agricultural equipment, such as agricultural technology training, plastic tunnels, iron pipes, crates, and digital weighting balance, from the Digo Bikash Samaj. This enabled her to start a vegetable farming business and cultivate seasonal vegetables in three kattha fields, as well as wild mushrooms, which she sells in the market. She is now able to earn a living for her family, and her husband is learning plumbing skills to work in the community. As a result, he is now earning up to 7000 per month, which they use to provide for their children’s education, health, and food expenses. They also save some of the money in the Shri Roshni Cooperative at a rate of 200 per month.

Rupa is grateful to the Digo Bikash Samaj Bhajani for providing her with the agricultural materials that have helped her start her business. She is determined to continue her vegetable farming and expand it. She believes that this venture has brought a lot of happiness into her life and is requesting others to support and help people in similar situations.