The feeling of self-employment

  Previously, despite engaging in vegetable farming, Sundari Chaudhary was unable to earn a livelihood due to the lack of knowledge and awareness about technology and marketization. She had to work as a daily wage laborer to manage household expenses. However, after receiving support from the Digo Bikash Samaj, vegetable farming has become a source of income for her. She feels a sense of self-employment. Sundari Chaudhary resides in Ghodaghodi Municipality-2, Saadepani, along with a joint family of 14 members. Vegetable farming has been a traditional practice for her. However, due to the lack of market access and technological knowledge, she couldn’t distribute her vegetables and couldn’t generate income. She had to engage in construction work labour to meet her household expenses. In the month of Poush in the year 2079 (January 2023), Sundari Chaudhary became a part of the newly formed Digo Bikash Samaj, showing interest in modern vegetable farming. After joining the group member, she received technical training and agricultural inputs, which made her realize that vegetable farming could be a significant source of income. She started using new technologies and techniques in her business, leading to an increase in her earnings. Currently, Sundari Chaudhary is engaged in vegetable farming on 5 kaththas of land and remains busy throughout the day in her own vegetable field without taking up any other labor work. She goes to the local market twice a week to sell her vegetables, and she also sells them directly from her home. In this season alone, she has earned more than NPR 40,000 from vegetables weighing over 1,200 kg. With the income from vegetable farming, she has been able to purchase a small irrigation motor, a bicycle for selling vegetables, and stationery for her children’s education. Sundari is extremely happy now. Additionally, she has plans to start a vegetable store in the future and expresses deep gratitude to Digo Bikash Samaj and World Vision International Nepal for providing valuable knowledge, seeds, and support.