A Model Agro-based Entrepreneur – Mr Prahalad

Prahalad felt very confident on himself. It was first time in his life where he believed that he can do something. With lots of hopes and confidence, he decided to take a courageous step of investing Rs. 10000  smart sub seedy Matrial Support  with technical support of the Digo Bikash Samaj Bhajani.

Mr. Prahalad  40, is a dweller of  Udashipur Village Vevelopment Committee (VDC) of  Kailali district situated in Far western Development Area  part of Nepal. He belongs to a poor joint family without sufficient land for cultivation and access to any source of income.

While struggling economically and socially, he found rays of hope when there was support of Digo Bikash Samaj Bhajani & Would Vision International Nepal, Spice Group Empowerment. He received several capacity building opportunities including 3 days Fress vegetable % Spice  farming training provided by the Digo Bikash Samaj Bhajani. He still remembered this insightful experience “It was my big life time opportunity” overwhelmed Prahalad.

It was the first time; he could contribute his wife & Fammily in sharing cost for children’s education and other household expenses. As a house owner and father, he felt proud when he could serve fresh vegetable to his kids and family members. In this way, it also brought change in the level of calorie in-take in poor family like him.

This fresh vegetable earning was his first income. He expressed “I wonder, why  Digo Bikash Samaj  supported program was not there earlier to make us aware about most vulnerable family economic opportunities like fresh vegetable to change the way we deal with our life”.

His pride being the first from his community to practice and gain success from fresh vegetable had influenced other MVC from his community and beyond by networking with the Digo Bikash Samaj. Working together with other MVC in the group helped in building trust and mutual cooperation by spreading message of peace.

“Engagement in this program supported by Digo Bikash Samaj is the key milestone for my economic and social empowerment so that I am able to contribute in promoting my family and social harmony” recalled Mr Prahalad proudly.