“Family’s Success in Vegetable Farming”

Asha Devi Chaudhary lives in Ghodaghodi-5, Doda, with her husband, two sons, one daughter-in-law, and a five-month-old granddaughter. She is a 38-year-old poor woman who faces difficulties in her daily life due to their poor living conditions. To fulfill their basic needs, her husband and son go to India for work.

An economic recovery project was conducted in partnership with Digi Bikas Samaj and World Vision International Nepal. Asha Chaudhary also received support from the ER project. She was provided with agricultural tools and materials worth around 14,914 rupees for vegetable farming. Now, with the technical knowledge gained from DBS, she is doing vegetable farming in 3 kattha of land and earning 10,000 rupees per month. Her husband has also returned from India to support and work on the farm. Asha and her husband are busy with their vegetable farming, and she is able to spend money on her children’s education, health, clothes, and other basic needs. She has also developed a saving habit.

Asha feels satisfied with the success of their vegetable farming. She plans to continue farming and expand the farming land for commercialization. She said, “I feel successful and have received the right direction from DBS, the ER project, to earn money from vegetable farming. I want to say a big thanks to DBS, WVIN, and the ER project.”