Youth self-employed locally

Mr. Ashok Chaudhary, 25 years, lives at Badhariya village of Janakinagar VDC with his six members’ family. He has small piece of land of seven katthas (0.23 ha.). He has taken formal education up to eight class due to poor economic condition of his family. To solve hand to mouth problem of his family, he along with adult members of his brother, used to work as agriculture base laborer and seasonally migrated to India for labor jobs. He spent his productive time in India away from his family. Sometimes he used to work as helper in cycle shops and repair centers nearby city of this home which made him more interested to establish his own business.

In 2014, Digo Bikas Samaj, local implementing partner of LWF Nepal, launched Nepal Development Program in his settlement. At the beginning, his mother along with other members united into a group namely Jagruk Farmer Group. Group members learnt to raise their voices against social issues, domestic violence and issues on accessing government services. Now, he is also shareholders of Phulbari Saving and Credit Cooperatives at Janakinagar VDC.

Mr. Ashok Chaudhary, repairing bycycle at his shop in Janakinagar
Mr. Ashok Chaudhary, repairing bycycle at his shop in Janakinagar

Project staffs encouraged him to establish enterprise using his experiences, interest and skills.  Based on the request, he along with other members received entrepreneurship skill development training (Start and Improve Your Business package) in 2014. During the course of training, he has selected cycle repairing enterprise and prepared his business plan. The project provided start-up support to establish his cycle repairing enterprise including technical training, repairing tools & equipments, record keeping book costing NPR 10000 (Euro 92) whereas he also invested NPR 8,000 (Euro 73) for additional equipments. He operated his services from a small shed from June 2014. His brother also engaged as helper in this enterprise.  Now, he is earning NPR 600 (Euro 5.5) per day in average. Within a year, his net annual income is NPR 120,000 (Euro 1090).

Now, he has increased his saving amount in respective group and cooperatives. Nowadays, he is deliberately continuing his own enterprise and stopped to migrate for labor work.  He gave thanks to LWF Nepal and Digo Bikas Samaj, Bhajani for bringing such big changes in his life and creating employment opportunities locally.