The direction of the organization has become my inspiration.

Laxmi Chaudhary lives in Tikapur Municipality Ward no. 7  in a village called Baidi. In which community there are more households of non-Tharus. Although he belongs to the Tharu community, he has a good relationship with the others community. It is found that there is a community with harmony and social harmony. She is a single woman. Her husband was electrocuted a year ago while assisting in welding a power trailer. Laxmi Choudhary, who was devastated by the death of her husband, had lost all her passion for work. There are 8 people in his family. Laxmi Chaudhary does all the farm work herself. There are 2 sons and father-in-law and other members in the family.

Her farm is 15 Katta of land. Even though the rice was planted, the flood caused pain for years. In some years, there is a situation where the paddy is not even harvested. Laxmi Choudhary and her neighbor Raj Kumar Choudhary informed that due to this, there is a situation where even food is not enough throughout the year. To earn income for other expenses such as education, health, and clothing, it was also necessary to earn money. The youngest son is Bikram Chaudhary (0612) RC. He is currently studying in class 8 at Shree Janta Rastriye Secondary School, Sunahphanta. There is a situation where they are doing farming and vegetable cultivation on their land. Also runs a grocery store. The money sold in the small grocery store was used to buy the same, or to save, or to spend on household expenses, or to use that money to buy things at home. How to teach a child at home, spent treatment. He said that there were many problems.

Later on, farming, working and running a small shop, the family was in a position where it was more ahead. One day, the ward chairman came to the grocery store and asked during the conversation – how is the business going?, and I said, “It’s not going very well” and the chairman said – the grocery store will run well only if you do some other side business with the grocery store. It was advised that. He said that it is difficult to run a hotel as a side business, there is no proper place for a breakfast shop, there is no breakfast shop in the village, so I also talked to the ward chairman. And the ward chairman asked if they would cut the meat, and also suggested that the grocery store would be more open after the meat cutting. And if he is accordingly, later the ward office recommended for a meat shop through Digo Bikas Samaj Bhajani. The necessary materials for the operation of the meat shop were received from the Digo Bikash Samaj bhajani and World Vision International Nepal under the Nutrition and Resilient Livelihood Project under the Business Recovery Program equal to  Rs. 38732 was for the operation of the meat shop. In which deep freeze, gas cylinder, pot for boiling water, vault, mug, chair, knife, table and other materials were provided. Which has helped a lot in running the shop. Earlier, there was only a small grocery store and the sales were very little. But now, after becoming a grocery store and a meat shop, customers who come to buy meat, spices and other items from the grocery store. She says, I have been paying a lot of attention to education, health and nurturing, and again, it is very important to pay attention to everything to be economical, from paper pens, clothes according to the times to health care etc. At present, the daily average is Rs. 900  is being sold and daily.  Lakshmi Chaudhary informed that She saving 500 in Ujyalo multi-purpose cooperative organization. And currently  there is a savings of up to 20,000.