Vegetable Farming Made it Easy Treatment

Deepa is a poor family member who was a problem with food. She has a family of 4, a daughter and a son

Earlier, only eight thousand a month were earned by working wages, and now after 3 days of vegetable  training from Digo Bikash Samaj, she earn 3,000 thousand months. Her husband is working as RAj Mistri. A fresh vegetable producer group was formed under the Agriculture and Economic Development Project, in which she fulfilled her responsibilities while working as a member.

Currently, the vegetable has been growing in 6 katha for 6 months.  Twenty thousand monthly incomes are filled and this is fulfilling the daily necessities of the household and no one has to stretch out their hands. She says that at present I am completely satisfied with the vegetable farming.

She has now participated in training to earn knowledge skills through Digo Bikas Samaj. She is now able to keep a record book, do marketing, work as planned. She says that now, with the money I earn from farming, I am more careful about sanitation in the health of the family.

She adds that when paying wages, the lender would not pay enough to depend on others. She has grown into a daily necessity while growing her own vegetables.

She was able to get her husband to take her to the hospital every day when she was taken to hospital, she was able to by her medicines every day and thus get treatment. This event will never be forgotten.

In the past, only wage labor was done in the community, but now she sells fresh produce. Vegetables have been planted only for their own food and now business thinking has began to grow.