Vegetable farming became source of income

Vegetable farming became source of income

Palat Rani -36 years old, lives in Bhajani Municipality in joint family. Who neither had any job nor had any source of income before few years. In the name of earning they just have non owner(Ailani) 10 Kathha lands and rely on that by farming paddy and wheat mostly like others. She has a small house hut for their shelter.

When Agriculture and Economic Development project entered in their village and formed a group named Pushpanjali Mushroom Producer Group ,  Palat Rani selected as treasure of this group. Hence her journey of learning’s begins here and she got several trainings till date.

Palat Rani, who mostly engaged in her household chores earlier, has no idea about mushroom farming and vegetable farming, how to prepare mushroom root pocket and where to sale, whom to sale, is it profitable business? All question are always used to strike in her mind, she reveals. And she was totally ignorant about all that things. She adds, but after we got technical knowledge on mushroom farming and vegetable farming and started selling in market we came to know it is really profitable business”.

After few days getting training and joining in regular meeting she can talk with another people without hesitation.  She said ” Now my family income is being strengthening and I’m farming vegetable in  5 kattha and mushroom farming including my group members too and raising income.” She further says, “Hence I got a source of earning, A&Ed has shown me the way of my earning”.

In this way, Palat Rani, who never had gained experience in vegetable farming, and mushroom farming has started in a commercial way by involving her family members also in order to make them self-dependent through not only mushroom farming also in vegetable farming. This has provided her an income to sustain day to day expenses.